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Add warmth and elegance to any room with custom silk drapes, no matter your taste in decorating style.  A varied palette of 100% silk fabric color options allows for effortless styling that polishes the look of any home’s interior decor, whether minimalist, traditional, or eclectic.  Precisely-tailored silk curtain designs are crafted to match the scale of your home and avoid overpowering the room's furniture and decor.  Color, pattern, and crafting of custom silk draperies and curtains bring warmth to your interior decor.  Dream Drapes offers custom silk drapery panels in either silk taffeta or dupioni silk and are available in hundreds of solid colors.  If you don't find a silk fabric on our site that suits your taste, check out our Customer's Own Material Program where you send us your own fabric and we will make the drapes for you.  Purchasing silk drapes online couldn’t be easier at!

Are you uncertain as to whether silk taffeta or dupioni silk is the right choice for your design scheme?  Silk taffeta is a very luxurious fabric made by twisting 100% silk threads into a smooth, crisp, almost glassy looking weave.  Many times the silk taffeta weave combines silk threads of different colors, making the fabric appear to change colors as it moves.  Silk taffeta is often used to make evening gowns, wedding gowns and other formal attire.  Silk taffeta is considered by most to result in more formal looking silk drapes than Dupioni silk.  Dupioni silk is easily identified by its characteristic slubs that occur naturally in the fabric adding to its beauty.  The best way to determine what fabric is right for your silk drapery panels is to purchase swatches of each fabric so you can see and touch the fabric in the colors of your choice.

Custom crafted silk curtains look and feel luxurious and they also play an essential role in your home.  All of the 100% silk drapes made by Dream Drapes are lined and interlined.  Be aware of competitors that offer low priced silk drapes. These drapes are not interlined, making them look skimpy and cheap.  Since silk is a delicate fabric, these inexpensive drapes found elsewhere will not stand up to the harsh sun without the important lining and interlining.  Lined and interlined silk drapes conserve energy and block light, protecting not only your drapes but also furniture, floor coverings and art from the sun’s harsh rays. Fully functional pleated silk draperies add not just elegance but also privacy to a room when drawn discretely across an open window.

Choose our 95% blackout lining for additional protection, warmth and noise reduction.  Standard lining plus flannel interlining will still allow for some diffused light to enter through your silk curtains. Selecting blackout lining eliminates all unwanted sunlight from entering the room, making it perfect for bedrooms or areas with a significant amount of natural light.  Adding blackout lining to your custom silk drapes also provides additional thermal protection, since 10-25% of all heat loss in a home is through the windows.

All of our silk drapery panels are custom made in the USA to your exact specifications.  Whether you have extra long, extra wide or odd shaped windows, Dream Drapes can make custom silk curtains to perfectly fit your windows and décor.

The list of charming possibilities custom silk draperies and curtains provide for your home is as endless as your imagination.  Feel free to peruse our selection of styling options, fabrics, colors, and patterns.  Looking for design ideas or assistance? Contact us directly at 888-871-3475

Custom Dupioni Silk Drapes
The defining characteristic of silk dupioni is the fiber slubs found throughout the fabric, giving it an elegant yet less formal appearance than silk taffeta. Choose from among our vast selection of pleat styles and color options for your dupioni silk drapes. All of our dupioni silk drapes are fully lined and interlined for fullness and protection. Blackout lining also available.

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Custom Silk Taffeta Drapes
More formal yet very luxurious, our 100% silk taffeta drapes are at the top of opulence. Commonly used in ball gowns, wedding dresses and other formal attire, silk taffeta fabric is iridescent, crisp and very smooth which drapes fabulously. All of our silk taffeta drapes are fully lined and interlined for added fullness and protection. All of our silk taffeta drapes are lined and interlined!

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Fabric Swatch Selector

Choose from hundreds of colors and patterns of silk dupioini, taffeta and linen fabrics

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