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Different Types of Silk Used in Our Drapes

At, we use only the finest quality silk dupioni and silk taffeta available on the market.

Silk dupioni is a naturally woven, shimmering silk that is created by weaving silk threads of two different colors into a weave that can appear to change colors as the silk is moved around in different light. It is constructed with threads made from rough silk fibers that are harvested from double cocoons which are spun side by side and interlocked. Along with creating a shimmering effect, silk dupioni has a tendency to take creases very well making it a perfect material for draperies and is quite wrinkle resistant.

We use only the finest quality, very heavy weight silk dupioni with amazing sheen and texture.

Silk dupioni can be divided into two groups; Indian dupioni and Chinese dupioni, otherwise known as shantung.  Indian dupioni is known for having more slubs in the fabric and a more coarser feel, which results in a fabric that is more durable than taffeta and less formal.  Whereas, shantung is a lighter fabric with a finer weave and fewer slubs resulting in a silk fabric that looks quite similar to taffeta.  Dream Drapes carries both Indian dupioni and shantung.

Silk Taffeta is smooth on the surface yet more stiff and crisp than dupioni silk giving it a slightly more formal look. The silk is tightly woven and has a gorgeous sheen and radiance to it. The silk taffeta that we use here at is heavy weight and is of a much higher quality than you will find on most sites. It is a more expensive silk and besides draperies, it is commonly used to make wedding gowns.

Dream Drapes highly recommends using blackout lining with your custom silk curtains if your windows provide a significant amount of light to enter the room.  The sun can quickly destroy silk drapes unless they are properly protected from the sun with high quality linings and interlinings.  All of our silk drapes are both lined and interlined to provide a luxurious look and to protect your investment, but the extra protection of blackout lining is recommended in very sunny locations.

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