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What is a Drapery Width?


Simply put, all the material used by comes from fabric bolts which are 54 inches wide. To make a single width for a pleated drapery panel, that 54 inches is gathered for pleats, and side hems are made condensing the finished panel into approximately 26 inches wide.  The actual dimensions of one finished width can vary between 22 inches and 28 inches wide and will depend on how many pleats are included in the panel and the amount of fullness included in each pleat.  The fuller the pleat and the more pleats per width, the more luxurious and opulent the panels will be, but will result in a narrower width.

A flat panel, rod pocket or any other drapery treatment that doesn't have the gathering or pleats results in a finished panel width of approximating 48 inches wide.  So in the case of a flat drapery panel, one width equals 48 inches in a finished drapery panel.

Most windows regardless of the width of the window will require 1 1/2 to two widths per panel for optimal fullness. A single width is typically not recommended unless the window is extremely narrow. 

Below is a chart for you to use as a guide when determining how many widths you need to purchase for your window.

Finished Panel Dimensions by Width
# of   Widths  Pleated Panels Flat Panels

Pinch Pleat, Butterfly Pleat, Top Tack, Fan, Cartridge, Goblet, Box Pleat

Rod Pocket with Header, Rod Pocket No Header, Grommet
1.0 24 - 28 inches per panel 46 - 48 inches per panel
1.5 35 - 37 inches per panel 72 - 74 inches per panel
2.0 46 - 50 inches per panel 96 - 100 inches per panel
2.5 62 - 66 inches per panel 120 - 124 inches per panel
3.0 76 - 80 inches per panel 146 - 150 inches per panel


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